Why Coffee?

Coffee is the 2nd largest traded commodity on the planet. 2nd only to oil.

Most of coffee is grown by small-scale farmers. Of the small-scale farmers, more than 65% of those farmers are indigenous, ethnic-minority community members.

This means that coffee intricately links us with some of the most underserved and often over-looked communities in the world.

Simply, coffee is a tool: a tool to make our lives and the lives of those who rely upon it much better if we can build a direct link from community to coffee-drinker.

Within each community you can support, they grow and rely upon coffee to sustain their community.

Learn About The Communities Your Donation Supports

Current Coffee Available As A Gift

Their gift of coffee is your personal reminder from each community that you have helped to make our world a better place.

Viet Nam


K’Ho Cil people


Lac Duong District, Lam Dong Province, Vietnam

Harvest Times

November thru January



1600 meters above sea level

Processing Method

Fully-Washed, Raised-Bed Sun-Dried


Arabica Typica, Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra, Catimor

Tasting Notes

Blackberry/Cherry Jam, Macadamia Nuts, Honey, Citrus Fruit Acidity, Chewy Body, Cantaloupe Finish

Average Cup Score


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Bo, Laven, Bru, Jeru communities (12 villages)


Bolaven Plateau, Champassak Province, Laos

Harvest Time

November thru December



1300 meters above sea level

Processing Method

Fully-Washed, Raised-Bed Sun Dried


Arabica Typica var. Java, Arabica Typica, Arabica Caturra Amarillo, SL28

Tasting Notes

Ranges from Bergamot and Citrus fruits to Blueberry and Cream, silky body, nutty finish

Average Cup Score

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How your gift affects the communities



We share, teach, and train on all aspects of the highest-level of sustainable coffee production.

In doing so, the result is some of the finest coffees of the world, known as “specialty” coffee.

But these coffees are not for sale.

Your Community

These communities ask for help (see Community Programs). If you choose to support their community, the community (and with the help of fi-lan’thro-pe as the ‘facilitator’) will provide you a gift of their best coffee.

In effect, you help the community and they help you stay caffeinated; akin to you helping your neighbor tend to their garden and receive a few vegetables in thanks.


The Coffee

This coffee is beyond any certification. Your money does not buy coffee.

Your money builds clean drinking water facilities, provides education for children, preserves indigenous knowledge, protects their native forests.

Every single penny.


Ready to Make an Impact?

Visit our Gift Exchange page and choose the community you would like to support. Your generous donation helps right the value chain and empowers indigenous communities.