Filanthrope Colorado
Bonfire Coffee, Carbondale, CO
Roaring Fork Farmers Association

Welcome to the first coffee roasting of Filanthrope Coffee!

Through an innovative collaboration in Colorado – Filanthrope, Bonfire Coffee and The Roaring Fork Farmers Association – Carbondale is the beginning of a great initiative empowering ethic minority communities through a collective love of coffee.

For every $15 donated via this project, $12 will go to K’ho Cil farmers in Lac Duong, Vietnam, $2 of your donation will be donated to the Roaring Fork Farmers Association to support their efforts to fund a local tool library for local farmers in the Roaring Fork Valley, and $1 will go to Bonfire for roasting costs.

You will receive a gift (or multiple gifts) of coffee from the Lac Duong community in Dalat, Vietnam as a thank you for your support. Each gift is a 12oz, freshly roasted, labeled with love bag detailing the coffee, the community and featuring a series of photos from the communities sending their thanks. 

This is some of the best coffee in the world, and we can’t wait to share it with you.