The Problem

Since 2016, the collective has been sourcing coffee directly from these families. During New Year's Day 2018, a fire broke out in the village and razed 4 homes, all their belongings, their coffee processing facilities, motorbikes and most of their income: coffee. These families are considered some of the most impoverished in Vietnam while at the same time producing the best coffee to ever leave Vietnam. As such, this fire was nothing short of devastating for the families, our ability to bring you their coffee, and the growing specialty coffee movement in Vietnam.
In light of the fire, we searched for a solution for how we, coffee roasters, and you, coffee drinkers, could massively impact the community in a positive way. Since 2013, fi-lan'thro-pe, a 501(c)(3) charity, has been working alongside the community on all fronts. They approached us with a solution. That solution is; a cutting-edge program called 'Gift-Exchange'. This program allows us to use their coffee as the tool to generate support. The community entrusts fi-lan'thro-pe with their beans, sent to you as a thank-you gift for your donations. We, the collective, roast, bag, and ship their gift to you, the donor. In this way, you are not buying coffee because every dollar goes back to the community in order to rebuild. In short, you don't buy coffee, you rebuild a community.

Your Impact

The community has 2 tons left of coffee that was spared by the fire. This coffee is sent as a gift. With every $20 or $35 subscription, a bag or two of freshly roasted thank-you will make it to your home or office every month for 12 months. Overall, through the power of your coffee cup, we can raise more than $70,000 for the community. But where do your pledges go?

  • Rebuilding their homes
  • Healthcare for all families
  • Scholarships for all children
  • Rebuilding their coffee processing facilities
  • Diversifying their income
  • Establishing a Loanshark Elimination Fund
  • Establishing a Community Development Fund

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"Value the community, not the coffee."
— Michael Wood, fi-lan'thro-pe

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